About Us

About Brian Terry Plumbing

BT Plumbing was established more than 20 years ago by an ambitious, yet seasoned entrepreneur who witnessed very skilled technicians and artisans. He decided to bring an expert team on board and establish a company that would be truly black owned yet able to distinguish itself with reliable, efficient, and quality service.

Brian Terry is a qualified plumber with 40+ years experience in the plumbing and building field. He is also a plumbing instructor and assessor and travels all over the country teaching plumbing to the disadvantaged.
Pearl has excellent management and office skills and ensures that all administration is carried out and followed through professionally.
Bevan is our key co-ordinator and buyer. He always gets the best products at the best prices, which we in turn pass on to our clients.

About BT Plumbing

All BT Plumbing members come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have overcome major obstacles, which has not deterred them from striving for the best to achieve their true potentials. BT Plumbing has provided them with a platform to do just that.

About BT Plumbing