Products and Services

Plumbing Services


We guarantee that we will use the best materials around for your peace of mind. We want to be the best in what we do for the satisfaction of our clients. We always deal with reputable suppliers and offer the best SABS approved products

Plumbing Services


  • General plumbing
  • New installations
  • Corporate maintenance contracts
  • Burst geysers including insurance claims
  • General Building repairs and maintenance
  • Our teams are qualified to inspect as well as handle any Plumbing and Building related problem


Leak Detection Services

This service allows our team to locate any underground leaks and assess the damage. These damages (rust, erosion, wear and tear) can be fixed with minor upset to your property. Finding leaks and having them fixed can help you save water and decrease on your water bills.

Plumbing Mapping Services

Pipe Mapping Service

This service allows the plumber to map out existing underground pipes. It can also be used to detect pipes in walls and concrete slabs. Should there be plumbing problems on these pipes the plumbers will, with consent of the owner, proceed in fixing the pipe.